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Do such occurrences worry us Indians?

M.L. Kotru
Srinagar, Publish Date: Sep 22 2018 9:08PM | Updated Date: Sep 22 2018 9:08PM
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Mr. Bhagwat, the Sarsangchalak cut figure as he stuck to the RSS pulpit at Delhi most prestigious government complex pontificating on everything from Bharat and Bharatiyata, Muslims much more than the Hindu were “Hindus” because they were citizens, Hindutva was the chosen path and the Ram Temple at Ayodhya very much the soul of the Hindutva.

One thing that distinguished Mr Bhagwat’s speeches at the three-day conclave was that he offered almost identical prescriptions for ridding Bharatmata of the ills that had beset it since the glorious days of Ramayana and Mahabharat.

He chose to be soft on the outrages of the transgressors from time of the “mata’s” iconic hallowed history ( a lot of mythology thrown in)  and next it would be spewing fire  at those that had defiled Bharat Mata's profile.  One moment it was harkening back to the glorious days of the prehistoric India or Bharat had been a welcoming beacon to the human kind once it started shaking off its Neanderthal  traits. The effort now and again – or was it a tactic – to deal out a lot of the rough with a peep at the softer side of Hindutva. Cow, Temple and Hindu Rashtra weren’t ever very distant, used more like punctuation marks in one speech and then occasionally when the intention was to sound avuncular and protective. For someone who has been around  sowing of the seeds of World War II,  Benito Mussolini’s Fascists and Adolf Hitler’s Nazis picking out their foes and sending  them not to  reformatories but the gas chambers of which the Nazi dictator had built many in conquered territories, most notably Auschwitz in Poland. That may have been eighty years or more ago but such horrifying precedents do on occasions find newer adherents. It may not be as bad as the 1930s and 60s Germany as yet but you rarely can rule out a resurgence of nationalist brutes  for whom killing a or dislodging millions of human from Mynamar, to Uighurs of the Chinese Western province of Singkiang are faced with unprecedented persecution, thousands upon thousands in re-education camps, mosques razed by the dozen and few of them, unable to face utter humiliation run away to terror Islamic terror camps in the neighbouring Central Asian States, notably Afghanistan. Europe once conquered by the Muslims has suddenly taken to nationalistic robes, anti-Muslim, anti-refugees (Syrian conflict) and even Angela Merkel, the staunchest Western supporter of refugees fleeing the Russo-American conflict which has already consumed the best of the historic heritage in Syria and its neighbourhood. The right wing Neo-Nazi Germans want the rout as a consequence. And both the Russians and American masterminds of the conflict have found resourceful  regional collaborators in Iran and Saudi Arabia, the latter flush with wheeling dealing with American maverick President, Donald Trump and Iran trying to stand up to the Saudi-inspired  (now strongly backed by Trump). The crisis there is indeed more deep seated than has been evident during the latest outrages of the far right, including on the US mainland. Immunity from emergent fascism has been denuded throughout Europe. The German Chancellor who had stood up to the challenges was forced to fatalistically observe we’ll find out whether we have learned from history. Whether Mrs Merkel’s contemporaries have or not, India’s news messiahs of the RSS and their political commissars headed by Prime Minister Modi. Forgive me, if  I sound harsh –  I wouldn’t like anything better than being proven wrong  – but the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh and its offshoots are in deadly earnest when they mouth all that filch against non-Hindu – someone says non-Brahman . Even the Sarsang chalak too could not resist the temptation to bring on record the newly discovered addition to sub-continental smuggling – cows are being smuggled and it was probably right that such smugglers came to grief. What would indeed be Bhagwat’s message to his swayamsewaks who target innocent Muslims in the name of the cow and related RSS agenda  or choose to brush the entire Muslim community in the darkest of hues while mentioning  the sharia, the Muslim Personal Law or dare ask questions why was Modi in  such a tearing hurry to  bring an Ordinance to have his way to instantly enforce triple talakh with instant jail for the husband. Why the hurry when one house of Parliament had already passed the relevant bill with the BJP road-rolling it in the Lok Sabha and when the Rajya Sabha was still considering it. Does the BJP hope that Muslim women will appear in droves at the polling booths in UP and Madhya Pradesh in future elections. A most undemocratic step, a warning that parliamentary debate and niceties count for little with Mr. Modi. And President Kovinda dutifully signed it, as dutifully as I the late President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed did sign Mrs Gandhi’s Emergency declaration around midnight. Do such occurrences worry us Indians? Yes, they do and should, particularly now  when the Bharatiya Janata Party and its administration in Jammu and Kashmir seems intent on foisting decisions on the States relationship with the Union of India, which the Constitution as its exists this day does not permit of. The upcoming elections, first in some States and later the general election offer the people a unique opportunity to rise to a man to stop the party in its tracks. That’s unless the party  (BJP) itself  wakes  up to the reality that Indian is not the  kind of country that jingoists of the saffron variety can easily overwhelm or overrun. Hate and intolerance may look attractive just this moment when the saffronites seriously believe they are blessed by mother cow. Blessed they may in the short run but India has seen the rise and fall of many bigots from all faiths including Hindus and Muslims.

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