Loyalist then, rebels now

Wonder why this sudden change of heart?

Hassan Zainagiree
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jul 12 2018 11:31PM | Updated Date: Jul 12 2018 11:31PM
Loyalist then, rebels nowFile Photo

As loss of power has struck a lightening blow to the Mufti family and the coterie around her, leaving them shell-shocked. The development has sprouted yet another breed of opportunists. They are celebrating the demise of the party, they  claim  provided the humps to build  its ‘fiefdom’ at  and reach to the corridors of power. 

 For the past ‘twenty years’ there was not a whisper of disclaimer, let alone protest, against Mehbooba Mufti  and the way she led the party and the government. Mehbooba was the greatest leader for all these disgruntled leaders who would fawn at her. They would keep croaking ‘Jai ho’ in the honor of party leader. They would not feel suffocated of the ‘fetid’ odor of dynastic hegemony. Everything and anything descended from the `imperial house’ they would leap at and pledge allegiance. Any angry spot on the Caesar’s forehead, reflecting ‘disrespect’, they would envy. The loyalty to the she-boss they would adorn as a glittering halo. In grovelling capitulation they would fall asking  ‘Anything more, my Lord’?

Imran Raza Ansari, the Shia leader, is very harsh in his scathing criticism of Mehbooba Mufti. The post-June ‘democratic’ coup, Ansari grabs and unleashes: ‘ There was a time when I was very close to Muftis, however, you don’t want to stay at the place where you are used. Those MLAs and leaders who have self respect have no place in PDP ’.  Another rebel of the party, MLA Javid Hussein Baig drones in discontent: ‘When you are disrespected and there is no care and you feel stranger in the flock with which you are associated for 20 years… there was perception among the masses that there was no good, even if there was any good, there was no political discourse on ground and an MLA could not go to his constituency’. 

The change of hearts at the change of guards is a typical  ailment pro- Indian political class is afflicted with. Like chameleons they exude all kinds of pigments that help them  play deception. Once in power, they are the poster boys of whatever regime gets saddled in Delhi.  Without power, they have all their guns trained at the North and South Block. Once in the loop they were smart enough to defile the trust of the people. The funeral procession  of the election pledges begins the day they are put on the chair with remote elsewhere. So when Mufti dynasty took charge of the party in its hands or courted BJP, Ansaris, Baigs and other like-minded jostled each other to register their fidelity. The mass perception that it was an unholy alliance is not reason for the rebel faction to indict Muftees. It is the arrogance, discourteousness, apathy and ‘non-caring’ attitude of Mehbooba and imposition of ‘uncles, nephews, brothers…’ on the party that the  breakaway faction alleges Mehbooba symbolized and patronized. And that have forced them to speak up and raise the banner of defiance.   

 The political venality of Mehbooba Mufti surpassed the ugly rule of  NC under family raj of Abdullahs. No eye wept when the rug was pulled off under her feet. She drove home the reality that hyper nationalistic dagger cuts through all ‘personal  chemistries’ and flatteries. BJP needed the Blidaan( sacrifice) of Mehbooba and her party for generating Modi wave ahead of parliamentary elections that was otherwise not taking off.  So it struck  when PDP camp was frolicking on the beaches of borrowed time. Leaving the JK assembly under animated suspension and bidding to have a chief minister from Dogra Jammu reflects it was up for a full-blooded assault . 

 To defend her savage opportunism, Mehbooba weaved all false constructs and defended the indefensible. With the new political maneuvering the bar now stands lowered to limits unimaginable. The allegations they are hurling up against the Mehbooba  refuse to stick, rather these stare at the very faces evoking nasty sardonic laughter. Ansari had no problem when he was relishing power, being a cabinet minister. Even when Tasaduq Hussain, brother of Mehbooba Mufti and then Tourism minister, denounced her own party for ‘ non-fulfilling of commitments’ and openly expressed his ‘awkwardness and discomfort’ with the party, you all enjoyed his  crying in wilderness and leave him  lick his wounds of frustration. You now claim that ‘Kashmiris have woken up’. Yes, but is this waking up subject to political ambitions where nothing but power is the first and last objective of Indian mainstream leaders. World knows for what Kashmiris have woken up and how. Yours is the commitment and goal completely diametrically opposite to theirs. 

Javid Baig’s spin doctor has labored hard so as to make him audible. He  vainly tries to rinse himself off the muck  heaped on party he aligned with in all these years. That there was no political discourse on ground and constituencies remained barred for the MLAs was because the  muscular approach PDP was the accomplice of constricted the space for the party. But how can he run away with the sin he was the willing partner of. The ‘toffee-milk’  outburst of his leader he drank  in her name and prayed for her longevity in chair.    

As the new political churning and realignment of personalities are shaping up, there is every likelihood that the Ansari-led group will join to fill the dots of the plot cooked to further strengthen the political fortunes of the communal forces. There are preparations in full swing to play host to the baraat on the move from Dogra Jammu. The charge-sheet against the Muftis cannot help them conceal their intentions, every move of which points to salivating hunger for power. Muftis are in distraught, in dirge.  That they will reap different is self deluding. 


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