Look in the mirror, it helps

That is a good way to introspect

M J Aslam
Srinagar, Publish Date: Nov 23 2017 11:13PM | Updated Date: Nov 23 2017 11:13PM

A community of Alwagans lived in a small village of Asia. They were uncouth and hideous race who never wanted their true face to be shown to others nor brought before a mirror for their self-seeing, even, for certain wrong notions. Their aversion to mirror and mirror-keeping in their homes was an ancestral-admonishment which they had acquired, over generations, since their ancestors’ time, through their elders. They stubbornly adhered to the age old ancestral advice that for a gleeful and cheerful life, unconnected and unconcerned with its realities, they should always live in a world of make-believe that contained that they were as ‘naturally beautiful’ as their verdant village. Such a self-pleasing thought had made them indolent and lethargic so much so that they generally would prefer to remain unwashed for most of the days lest they be compelled by rare post-bath freshness to have and look into mirrors to check it. They smelt fishy with unkempt hair. They were happy-go-lucky lot of humans who were completely pleased with their scruffy appearance and shabby clothes.

A wayfarer, a noble soul, from a neighbouring hamlet who knew them as staunch untidy people assumed that all mess and fuss around and about their lives, known in near and far villages, was actually due to absence of mirrors in their community-living. Therefore, with good intents to see them neat and clean, and elegant looking by keeping themselves well dressed and well combed, he began bringing to their village and distributing among them mirrors in good numbers. But they, an infamous small-minded community, began showing abhorrence on the benevolently edifying acts of the wayfarer, as imploring them to keep and use mirrors had innately but visibly infuriated them. They took the wayfarer’s well meaning acts of gifting mirrors as unwanted disturbance of their age old smooth way of living. So, it became evident, as days passed, from their behaviors of ignoring and consigning the gifted-mirrors, he had been donating to them, to the waste bins, immediately following his leave from the village after distributing each free package of mirrors among them for their own good. It became equally clear to him, too, that his bringing and holding of mirrors before uncouth hideous faces that had never faced it before had caused great dislike, irritation and anger in their hearts for him.

But, he decided to continue with his mission of donating mirrors to some of those of the Alwagans who wanted to come out of false make-believe world of being naturally-beautiful, hence, requiring no mirrors to check and confirm it and who had realised that by such a self-pleasing hedonistic thinking they had become untidy too. He ardently hoped and believed that one day entire community of Alwagans would understand his selfless work of mirror-donation for mirroring them the reality they possessed. Noting their fellow Alwagans accepting mirrors from the wayfarer and their mien and attire getting and looking better and better, every day, every time, by regular bathing and cleaning of their bodies, and washing and changing of clothes, other Alwagans too were inspired and persuaded to accept mirrors from him. Then, arrived the day, when whole village of Alwagans became self-cognizant of themselves, believing in themselves, not artificial world, fending off all dirt from themselves and their apparel, on regular basis. Mirror looking had, thus, helped the Alwagans to know and believe in themselves. It helps in making and shaping personalities.



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